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ShenanArts - Gypsy Hill Place
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2159608picture13-1ShenanArts has a new home in the high school’s fine auditorium. The space first hosted a dedication ceremony in early 1927, the year the school opened. Though the space remains much the same, new heating and cooling, lighting and sound systems, and restrooms have renewed the auditorium for its “second act.” Locating a local community theatre group in the building provides numerous opportunities for social engagement and artistic expression that serves the residents at Gypsy Hill Place.

ShenanArts features a variety of plays and musicals with casts of various ages and organizes both summer camps and theatre education geared toward youth and outreach. Their placement in the mix of uses at Gypsy Hill Place lays the foundation for a wide variety of collaboration and community engagement.

Learn about upcoming shows at www.shenanarts.org